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WoodaWorx was started in the Huntsville, Alabama area in 2004 by Grammy nominated producer, Kelvin Wooten.  After working for many years with established artists, Kelvin had a vision to create a company that could offer unknown/undiscovered artists a place to be creative.  Through the formation of the company, he created a launch pad that allowed a variety of artists to share their unique music with the world.


Our goal is simple:

“To create a company that can be used as an extension to share and create the sound we believe should be out there in music.  

We have created and shared our vision through our work with unknown artists”.  ~Kelvin Wooten



With 15 years in business, we have branched out and established several divisions under the WoodaWorx umbrella. These divisions include:




Artist Roster:


Artist Productions:

Anthony Hamilton, Raphael Saadiq, SiR, Dreamville (ROTD3), Jill Scott, Baby Face, Maxo Cream, Eric Clapton, Bee Gees, Kelis and many more.


Film Productions/Placements:

Django Unchained, Dr. Dolittle 2, Why Did I Get Married, Madea’s Family Christmas, Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins and many more.


TV Shows and Advertisements Productions/Placements:

Orange is the New Black, Being Mary Jane, German based Deutsche Telekom Telecommunications Company commercial,  Jeep Renegade commercial and many more.  



Kelvin Wooten and the WoodaWorx team strongly believe in building the community by keeping music alive and thriving in schools.  Through the teams individual philanthropy work and collaborations with non-profit organizations such as the Microwave Dave Foundation as well as the Eric Essix Foundation, the team has had the privilege to educate hundreds of youth throughout the State of Alabama and surrounding areas.  Through these initiatives, children have been introduced to various music genres. They have been given the opportunity to learn about different aspects of music such as various instruments and music production. Providing the information and resources to allow a child to dream big and understand all the possibilities that music can bring is humbling and is a large part of why we do what we do.














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