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Take a Break Vol. 2 is the second installment in Homage Series.  This volume consists of more than 25 authentic live drum breaks all played by multi-instrumentalist Kelvin “Wu10” Wooten.


These breakbeats are sure to give your production a human element to the rhythm of your track. No programmed drums here, and all breaks are recorded to analog tape for warmth.  Wu10 used vintage mics and analog gear to create a pure, eclectic sound that makes this collection a feel good classic. A folder of one shots have been chopped  from the breaks and added as well. Wu10 collaborated with friend and photographer Dokk Savage to create unique art work for this series that is as inspiring as the compositions themselves. Get yours today!!

Take a Break Volume 2

  • Features:

    • Over 25 drum breaks/compositions with all played live and recorded by Kelvin "Wu10" Wooten
    • Various drum kits and percussion
    • Various micing placements and techniques
    • Vintage reverb tanks and modern reverb units, outboard gear and microphones used
    • Extra folder of one shots chopped from the breaks 
  • Specs:

    Hi Res WAV file format.

    All samples are tempo marked.

    Compatible with any DAW

    Digital downloads are non-refundable.

    This sample pack may need master clearance. There will be license information included with your download. Please read.

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