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For centuries, humans have discovered and created new elements that now exist on Earth. While most of these have distinguishable properties that can be seen, touched, or smelled, there is a newly discovered element that is unlike any other known to mankind. It cannot be seen or felt.. only heard. Its sound is vastly different than any ever produced, and only few have witnessed the fullness of its impact. Wuphonium is now here. Are you ready?

Wuphonium (Stem Version)

  • Features:

    • 10 full compositions & 30 musical loops with all instruments played by Grammy Award winning producer/musician Kelvin "Wu10" Wooten
    • Instruments/gear used: Yamaha Classical Guitar, SX P-Bass, Fender Strat, Shure Vocal Master, Roland JU-06, Stage Rhodes(MK1), Yamaha PS-55, Nord Lead 1, Moog Theramin, Moog Sub 37, Mellotron Micro, DX7, Fender DeVille, Octave Cat SRM II, Danelectro Baby Sitar, Teac 80-8
    • Vocal melodies and chants
    • all compositions & loops were recorded to 1/2" tape for analog warmth
    • Stems are included for full compositions
  • Specs:

    Instant digital download after receiving PDF containing link.

    Compositions are in 48khz/24-Bit WAV file format.

    All full compositions are tempo marked. All musical loops are 100% loopable.

    Compatible with any DAW.

    Digital downloads are non-refundable.

    Depending on the circumstances, this sample pack might need master clearance. There will be license information included with your download. Please read first.

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