"I specifically handpicked Kelvin Wooten to produce my last three projects because of his natural ability to draw out the very best of an artist's gift.  As one of the greatest producers/musicians of our time, he demonstrates vast knowledge in quality of sound, style, mood and aesthetics, and these contribute greatly to the type of product achieved in the end.  I trust and value his musical intuition and he hasn't failed me yet!" - Kim Scott , Billboard Charting Jazz Flutist

"Kelvin‘s versatility stretches beyond his musical ability, it reaches his mental capacity as well! "

- Chris Blue,  The Voice Season 12 Winner/ Recording Artist

“Working with Kelvin Wooten was like a dream come true. The entire process from consultation to recording was nothing short of inspiring, and the finished record completely exceeded our expectations!” - Element XI Band

“There are people who get what you’re doing it, and people who get why you’re doing it. Kelvin is one of the few who is both. He has been one of the most influential people in the process of making my record. His constant push for excellence and encouragement have made a lasting impact.” - Isaac Sharp, Recording Artist/Producer

“If you want