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"I specifically handpicked Kelvin Wooten to produce my last three projects because of his natural ability to draw out the very best of an artist's gift.  As one of the greatest producers/musicians of our time, he demonstrates vast knowledge in quality of sound, style, mood and aesthetics, and these contribute greatly to the type of product achieved in the end.  I trust and value his musical intuition and he hasn't failed me yet!" - Kim Scott , Billboard Charting Jazz Flutist

"Kelvin‘s versatility stretches beyond his musical ability, it reaches his mental capacity as well! "

- Chris Blue,  The Voice Season 12 Winner/ Recording Artist

“Working with Kelvin Wooten was like a dream come true. The entire process from consultation to recording was nothing short of inspiring, and the finished record completely exceeded our expectations!” - Element XI Band

“There are people who get what you’re doing it, and people who get why you’re doing it. Kelvin is one of the few who is both. He has been one of the most influential people in the process of making my record. His constant push for excellence and encouragement have made a lasting impact.” - Isaac Sharp, Recording Artist/Producer

“If you want to experience your artistry at it’s finest, the Wu10 experience is one that you’ll never forget. It’ll truly be your best, amplified”.  - J Vetta Bella, Recording Artist

“The first time that I actually felt like a legitimate artist came after a single studio conversation with Woot. He breathed life into a simple melody and some lyrics. Hands down greatest producer/musician that I know." - Kwesi Jackson, MC

Kelvin Wooten is one of the reasons why I'm a passionate background vocalist to this day! He's given me countless opportunities to hone my craft, and has always encouraged me to pursue the dream and to be MYSELF while doing it! I'm forever grateful! - Tamara Bodie (Gospel recording artist and background vocalist)

“Mr. Wooten is thorough and his creative direction, both inside and outside of studio, is keen! I highly recommend his work and business. It has truly blessed me. “ - Victoria Jones, Recording Artist/ Songwriter

Kelvin Wooten has delivered quality professionalism every time we’ve had the chance to work together. I am super lucky to have had several opportunities to work with someone as talented and passionate about music as he! - Jovani Occomy, Recording Artist

Wooten was amazing to work with!  It’s intriguing how he works with so much passion to create masterpieces. I feel blessed to have met him and I can’t recommend him enough! - Zami Marie Actress/Recording Artist

I have done a couple projects with Wu10 and Woodaworx. Every time I have come back amazed at what he has been able to pull from a concept and have been beyond satisfied at the final mixes. He has helped me improve my writing and composing skills tremendously. I'd tell anyone you won't be disappointed! - Jim Lowe III, Songwriter/Producer

Disclaimer: The advice and opinions from WoodaWorx and staff members is not to replace legal representation. Should you need legal advice, seek an attorney. No refunds are given once the consultation session has started. WoodaWorx and its staff members have the right to refuse any session that becomes inappropriate, disorderly, or disrespectful.

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