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Dive deep into the essence of Woodaworx, an esteemed indie record label and production titan renowned for its influential collaborations with major labels and its pivotal role in sculpting the indie music scene for over two decades. With a steadfast commitment to innovation and creativity, Woodaworx has become a sanctuary for artists and music professionals who share a passion for breaking the mold. Our roster showcases a dynamic blend of emerging talents and industry veterans, all contributing to a rich tapestry of genres that challenge and redefine musical norms.

At the heart of Woodaworx is a vibrant, creative community supported by our seasoned team of producers, sound engineers, and music executives. Together, we provide a robust platform for our artists, ensuring their music not only reaches but profoundly impacts a global audience. Through mentorship programs, workshops, and our dedicated music scholarship initiative, we're nurturing future music luminaries, solidifying Woodaworx's legacy as a beacon of independent music innovation and collaboration. Join us in our continuous journey of artistic exploration and discover the unique sounds that make Woodaworx a leader in the indie music landscape.


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